Pirate Booty Dot Net Video!

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Welcome aboard, ye scurvy dogs!

If yer looking for some silly, double entendres, then ye have come to the right place.

Ye see, I have always enjoyed the idea of pirates (not so much the rapin’ an’ the pillagin’) – but the freedom of the open sea, with no rules to be callin’ ye own, except the ones ye be makin’.

Well, with me twisted sense o’ humor, I also discovered that there’s a lot of silly things ye can do that be related to all things pirates, that create some … sexualized double entendres. So with that silly idea, I created Pirate Booty and opened up a Cafepress Store. At one time, me store was doin’ fine – but that was back in the days of MySpace (if that tells ye how long ago that was!) – but the release of the movie Pirates of the Caribbean has created such a popularity with the “pirate culture” that both me site and store soon sunk like an unworthy ship, beneath the vicious tides of newly created sites.

So, down I went with me ship, and yet – here I am, many years later, still hangin’ onto it.

Visit me store, and if ye like what ye see; purchase it, share it, and do that thing.

I also made a Facebook page, if ye be the social media type o’ pirate.

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Halloween 2018

Once again, Halloween has come – and I dressed up as a pirate (Surprise!) when I went to work. One of my co-workers (Marissa) took a bunch of photos of everyone; and she was supposed to have those shared out (but I’ve not seen that email come through, so I may update this post with more photos whenever that happens). Shawn P. who I used to work with, sent me some pictures of him and his girlfriend dressed in pirate attire, so I am including them in this (since I got his permission to do so).

Check out the photos below:


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